solarPoWered Podcast

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solar powered

Everyday we process thousands of new releases through the patented tony moreno funk filter. We then take the tracks that make it through and bring them directly to your iPod,¬†computer or ham radio for dance music bliss. Great at parties! Give it to a friend as a gift! Perfect for working out or when you need an impromptu rave! It slices! It dices! It makes Julienne fries! And remember solarPoWered is also great for seniors! For best results we recommend listening at ear crushing decibels with a strobe light and mind-altering substances. Plus if you download before midnight you’ll receive an enchanting 14k solid gold, anatomically correct figurine of the show’s host, our free gift to you. Download now! Bandwidth is standing by.

WARNING!!! Tracks in headphones may be more Bangin’ than they appear.

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